How to Use Spotify Drip-Feed on CHEAPSMM.NET?

Understanding the Drip-Feed option on CHEAPSMM.NET can be a game-changer for your music promotion strategy. It's a feature designed to gradually deliver Spotify plays over a specified period, simulating organic growth and attracting more genuine attention to your tracks. Here's a step-by-step guide to using Drip-Feed effectively on CHEAPSMM.NET

Step 1: Selecting Your Service
Visit the 'Pricing/Services' page on your CHEAPSMM.NET dashboard. Here, you can opt for the service with the drip-feed feature.

Step 2: Providing Your Track Link
Simply copy and paste your Spotify track URL into the designated 'Link' field. Make sure to follow CHEAPSMM.NET's specific link format mentioned in the service descriptions to avoid any order cancellations.

Step 3: Deciding the Quantity
Choose the number of plays you wish to purchase per run. For example, if you intend to buy 10,000 plays to run over 5 days at a rate of 2,000 plays per day, input '2,000' in the quantity bar.

Step 4: Understanding Drip-Feed
This feature is essential for distributing your plays gradually, creating a natural growth pattern.

Runs: Specifies how many times the Drip-Feed will repeat.

Interval (minutes): Determines the time gap between each run, indicating the duration before the next batch of plays starts.

Total Quantity: Represents the cumulative number of plays you'll receive after all runs.

Step 5: Calculating Drip-Feed
For instance, aiming for 50,000 plays could entail setting up 100 runs with a 30-minute interval, resulting in 500 plays per run. This means every 30 minutes, 500 plays will be added, steadily increasing your play count.

Step 6: Submission and Monitoring
After entering all the necessary information and verifying the total charge, click 'Submit' to initiate the process. Your plays will start appearing on your track within the estimated start time of 1-12 hours.

Keep in mind that Spotify updates the play count every 36/72 hours. If you don't see an immediate update, refrain from opening a ticket immediately and exercise patience.

Effectively utilizing Drip-Feed can significantly enhance the organic appearance of your Spotify growth and naturally attract more listeners. It's a powerful tool when used wisely, so leverage this feature within CHEAPSMM.NET to optimize your music's exposure.

Remember, success on Spotify isn't solely determined by play count but also by consistent growth and engagement. Happy streaming!